shutterstock_74811295peqCellulite is a chronic subcutaneous tissue induced by an alteration of microcirculation.  The malfunctioning of the smaller vessels that reach the skin and subcutaneous tissue, the drainage of fluids and toxins that accumulate over time, thickening the tissue.  These deposits eventually damage the tissue with the consequent appearance of orange peel.

Treatment is indicated in cases of cellulitis, as well as treatment for body shaping contour.  The treatment is focused on a single area on which the Endermologie (LPG) is applied.  For optimum benefits two weekly sessions must be applied for at least 5 weeks.  The sessions do not require prior preparation or imply specific aftercare.  Importantly, any body treatment has good results if used along side a healthy eating regime.  If there is wait gain during treatment applications, the results will not be optimal as they will not be long lasting without being used alongside maintaining a healthy eating regime.

Benefits:  We recommend a continuous cycle in the treatment of cellulite and body remodeling.  This provides volume reduction (removing fluids and toxins), facilitates the mobilization of decongesting and hardened skin in areas typically of fibrous and compact cellulite.  The skin gains in eleasticity, radiance and smoothness. This treatment has a firming and remodeling effect.

Application:  The technique works by contraction and a non-traumatic, hypodermic aspiration level which enhances metabolic changes.  The massage is applied with a device called LPG which works from the inside outwards.

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