Hydradermie GuinotHydradermie is an exclusive treatment that in a little less than an hour of relaxation permits the renewal of “new skin”, converting it into a “face of beauty”.  With regular monthly treatments the face will show radiance in all four zones or with an intensive programme of three treatments.  Hydradermie becomes a loyal treatment for your face!

* The ionising increases the activity of this treatment.

Hydradermie Lift


With age and fatigue, the shape of the face can become heavy and show signs of ageing.

Until now, lifting treatments have acted on the lifting structure of the skin to regenerate the supportive tissue and strengthen the epidermis.

Today, Hydradermie Lift brings an innovative treatment into the field of skin care, redefining and toning the muscles of the face, creating a spectacular ´lifting effect´.

Hydradermie Lift Yeux

Hydradermie lift yeux

To rejuvenate the look of the eye contour, this is a gentle and effective solution.  The Hydradermie Eye Lift works specifically on the muscles of the eye contour to give a new firmness and tone to the eye area.

From the end of the first session, expression wrinkles become smoother and less noticeable creating a younger look.