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  • Lips: sensuality and attractiveness

The lips are the most sensual part of our face. Highlighting their appeal is the role of Micropigmentation.

Beautification, perfection, harmony & optical volume.  Fix flaws and create a silhouette outline: all with natural results and soft tones that are the most requested.

  • Brows: perfection and harmony

Essential to any age to correct asymmetries or imperfections. For those who need to make up their eyebrows daily because of alopecia, the art of micropigmentation is a necessity. This technique is created applying hair by hair, using natural colors to blend with the hair, eyes and skin type.

  • Eye liner: elegance and naturalness

The objective is a natural finish as a priority. The colors are soft and discreet.

* This product uses authorized Mario Gisbert, Goldeneye.

Mario Gisbert-Goldenye is the first company of micropigmentation authorized by the Ministry of Health, the resolution of the Council of Europe and the Autonomous Communities, which require the use of pigments in single-dose container (disposable) and sterilized.

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