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Cutting-edge Technology in Aesthetic  Medicine, Hairdressing and Natural Therapies

LPG Certified center

Certified LPG Endermologie Center

Sole is the official LPG Endermologie Center for Málaga, recognised by the LPG Systems authorised dealer for Spain: BR Inquiry. We meet all the requirements to offer high quality, professional services and optimal results.

CND Shellac original

Shellac is a permanent nail polish that lasts longer than traditional ones. It promises 14 days of perfect shine for manicures and up to four weeks for pedicures. The duration varies depending on the natural growth of nails.

Photon Official center

Photon Official Center

Photon Therapy, recommended by specialists worldwide, is a cutting-edge natural technology which helps in the recovery from present health problems: Fibromyalgia, General Pain (back and cervical), Arthrosis, Stress, Insomnia, Anxiety, Circulatory Disorders, etc …


The fastest and most cost-effective photoepilation à la carte. Discover the technology, the performance and the purchase options of NORA+, the perfect solution for photoepilation, anti-aging and oily skin. Nora+ makes it easy for you.

Skin Diagnostic Machine

What is the condition of your skin? What cream suits you best? Can’t find the right treatment? Get a comprehensive, professional diagnosis with CALLEGARI SOFT PLUS.


Environ – Renews and protects the skin

Environ products contain vitamin A, C and E and powerful antioxidants to treat and protect the skin and keep it healthy and youthful. Vitamin A is essential to assist the basal cell layer cells to specialize into the various functional epidermal cells above it. Without vitamin A, this would not happen effectively and healthy, functioning layers would not form.

Sole Centro de Imagen con el compromiso de calidad turística

Sole Centro de Imagen is commited to ensuring quality in tourism

Sole Centro de Imagen has joined the network of authorised businesses within the ‘Sistema Integral de Calidad Turística en Destinos’ (System for Quality in Tourism on Destinations) promoted by the ‘Secretaría de Estado de Turismo’ (SICTED) which ensures the excellent value of the destination Axarquía Costa del Sol.

Offer beauty any occasion

Having trouble finding the right gift? Stop Looking!At Sole Centro de Imagen Integral you can choose any of our products or services and offer them to the person of your choice with a sleek Gift Card.

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Why choose us?

Our staff

Our staff is trained and qualified to deliver the best possible service: Cutting-edge technology is useless without the right staff to provide the right diagnosis.

Our service

Since not every treatment is suitable for everyone, we understand personalised service is the best way to look after our customers. Every skin and every body is different.

Our prices

We offer a wide range of advanced aesthetic treatments at very competitive rates while providing great results.

Our experience

We are NOT a franchise, we have been devoted to beauty and health for over 20 years, and we will still be here tomorrow.

Our results

Actual results, visible and objectively measurable.

Authorised medical center

We are a registered med-aesthetic center at the ‘Junta de Andalucía’ NICA: 36364 .

Información de contacto

Avd. Constitución Nº 1

Phone: (+34) 952 523 813

Web: Sitio Web