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In the times we live in, Personal Image is undoubtedly very important, even if you want to get a good job.

Are you one of those who judge people according to their appearance? Maybe, maybe not. But every day millions of people judge and perceive other people they meet according to their hairstyle and their clothes. It is true that what is on the outside is not the most important, bur the personal image you project today has an influence over the way others see you.

Social psychologists study the impact of personal image in thirty seconds. In thirty seconds people will have an impression of you based on what they see, whether you like it or not. No matter what you think about it. That means your hair, your clothes, your body language, your smile and all your nonverbal communication. So your personal image does matter.

When you project a positive visual message,the person in front of you will assume that the rest of your aspects are positive too. But, unfortunately, if your visual message is negative, the new client, co-worker or Chief HR Officer may not want to take the time to discover the talent inside of you.

Personal Image may not guarantee you a position and may not open doors to a job, but I can tell you as a Corporate Image Consultant that slovenliness and the lack of tidiness in your external appearance may indeed close many doors.

Nowadays a good Personal Image is very important.