¿Would you like to increase your potential and self-esteem? Now you can achieve it!

“Image” is the way we present ourselves to others.

It is important to know that you never have a second chance to create a positive first impression.   90% of the impression that we form of another person is acquired during the first seconds of an encounter.

The clothes and the accessories we carry convey much more than the words we speak.

It is an aspect of nonverbal communication that we often do not realize.

Our goal is to create a unique style, providing practical and economic security, confidence and wellbeing.

This is achieved by the following:

  • Review of personality, to define the style, shapes and fabrics of clothing.
  • Study of color to determine the most appropriate range of color, accessories, hair color and makeup.
  • Study of proportions to detail and enhance the silhouette through the clothes.
  • Study and teaching of make up application to highlight the most flattering features.
  • Study to assess hair color, shape, volume, length and texture.
  • Study of clothing to create a wardrobe depending on the persons social, personal and professional needs.

Also provided is a personal shopper service for those who do not have time or do not like shopping.

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