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Because beauty comes from within.

A varied, well-balanced and sufficient diet along with physical exercise is the perfect formula to stay healthy. A varied diet should include food from every group and the sufficient amount to cover our energy and nutritional needs.

To stay healthy and strong it is very important to eat properly and to exercise several times a week.

Both the quantity and the quality of the food we ingest are important in order to maintain proper health.

We offer the following services at our premises.

  • Nutritional supplements:

Full weight control program including helpful ingredients to reach the goals set in your weight loss diet.

These supplements are formulated with the best natural products such as plants, seaweeds, fruits, minerals, vitamins… and they provide very important active principles to our body. Without those, various aesthetic disorders can occur: Fluid retention, excess weight, cellulite, heavy legs, aging, joint pain, acne, wrinkles, sagging skin, etc.

  • Weight control:

If you wish to lose weight in a balanced manner while eating healthy try our various diets: hypocaloric, dissociated, 14-day, basic, mono diet.

And many more…Just ask us!

  • Healthy, well-balanced diets:

If you just wish to maintain your weight we will teach you how to eat properly to make you feel good.

  • Sportsperson’s diet:

Thanks to our sportsperson’s diets you will be able to obtain the required energy to improve your performance in sports. You can increase your muscle mass too and get the perfect body.

  • Therapeutic diet:

If you suffer from any disease (cholesterol, diabetes, constipation, etc.) and you need support to recover fast we can help you with our therapeutic diets.

  • Personal training:

Physical exercise is the key to achieve your goals faster, both aesthetic and health related.

With your personal trainer you will get to know your body, you will strengthen your self-esteem, you will get incredible results and you will understand that a well structured body with elastic, toned muscles is a painless, strong, tough, energetic, flexible, harmonious free body. In short, a healthy body.

Programs are personal and adapted to every need (obesity, diabetes, moms-to-be, toning, muscling up, pains…etc.)

Anything you want can come true if you are willing but mostly if you have the right positive attitude.


If you are interested on this treatment and want to inquire, click here.

Nutrition and Personal training
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