Are you feeling blue, apprehensive, irritable? Are you experiencing social troubles or within your family or at work which you don’t know how to solve? Would you like to improve some aspects of your life or feel good in general?

We can help you find your balance in life through guidance, advice and psychological therapy using  cognitive behavioural techniques. This therapy (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) has been proven to be effective and has scientific endorsement. The starting point is that many of the behavioural or affective problems have to do with life experiences in a lifetime. This therapy aims to help people solve their problems as rapidly and effectively as possible by bringing them the tools to change behavioural and thought patterns and make those positive changes last over time.

Adults: We treat self-esteem and social capacity disorders, family and couple troubles, depression, anxiety, phobias, stress, insomnia, eating disorders.

Kids and teenagers: School refusal and fear of the dark, separation anxiety, sphincter control problems, disobedience, tantrum, sleep disorders.

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